Basement Watchdog BWE Emergency Back-Up Sump Pump Review

Product Features

  • Pumps 1,000 gph at 10-Feet. of li-Feet and 2,000 gph at 0-Feet. of li-Feet
  • User-friendly control panel lights up with a warning and describes what to do for easy maintenance
  • A sensor monitors battery fluid levels for increased piece of mind
  • Includes controller, charger, dual float switch, pump and battery box (battery sold separately)
  • Compact pump can be installed even in small or narrow sump pits
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Product Description

Basement flooding can occur any time, especially in areas with low lying lands. Though most of the time rapid snow melts and heavy rains cause the flooding of basement, but it can also happen during arid weather. Flowing of water through foundation floor, walls, surface water sources or storm sewer backups cause flooding. There are various other reasons of basement flooding which you have to deal with very carefully.


To deal with this situation, the best thing to use is a sump pump. The accumulated water in the sump basin in the basement of houses can be pumped out by using a backup sump pump. People use sump pumps where basement flooding occurs regularly. The problem of dampness can be solved by a sump pump and it also helps to keep your basement dry and clean. Though there are numerous sump pumps available in the market, but Basement Watchdog BWE Emergency Back-up Sump Pump is one of the best and most popular sump pumps which is used to solve the problem of basement flooding.



  • At 10 feet, 1000 gallons of water per hour can be pumped by this back-up sump pump. At 0 feet, 2000 gallons of water per hour can also be removed by it.
  • This sump pump comes with a set of control panel lights which is very user-friendly. It also describes what one can do for maintaining this sump pump easily.
  • Battery fluid levels are monitored by a sensor for the mental satisfaction of the users.
  • Charger, pump, dual float switch, controller and battery box are included in the set of Basement Watchdog BWE1000 Gallons Per Hour Basement Watchdog Emergency Back-Up Sump Pump.
  • You can install this sump pump even in narrow or small pits because of its compact size.
  • The weight of this back-up sump pump is 9 pounds.
  • 7 inches are the dimensions of this product.
  • This sump pump receives the power from a corded-electric source.
  • The voltage used by this product is 100 volts.
  • This sump pump uses 1HP to work.
  • This product comes with a warranty of 2 years.


Description of the Product

  • This sump pump has to be installed next to the main AC pump. Pumping is automatically started by it at the time of a power outage.
  • It starts working during the failure of the main pump or when the capacity of the main pump is exceeded by the flow of water.
  • An alarm is rung by its unique monitoring system when there is a need of maintenance or when any problem crops up.
  • The cause of the alarm and corrective action will be indicated by the light on the display panel.
  • Water can be pumped out of the basement by this sump pump continuously for up to 6 long hours.
  • Stainless steel has been used by the manufacturer to build this sturdy back-up sump pump.
  • It is a corrosion resistant sump pump.
  • As battery is not included in this set of sump pump, you can use 30HDC140S for the battery.


Use a protective case of plastic so that marine battery can be placed in it. It has to be set on a wall mounted shelf. Do not opt to set it on the floor. Let the water discharge pipe be made from 1 ½ inch diameter PVC pipe. An electrical outlet close to the sump pit will be needed by you in order to plug in both the charger of the battery back-up sump pump and the electric sump pump.


The old sump pump should be unplugged, disconnected and removed by you. The valve has to be tightened on to the side of the new sump pump. Now again, the battery-powered pump has to be tightened onto the check valve. Then place both pumps inside the sump pit. The low voltage cable connections between the back-up pump and battery charger have to be made by you. Let the flow valve be lifted until the pump starts in order to check the operation of the primary pump and battery-powered back-up pump. In this way you can easily install a back-up sump pump yourself without any professional assistance.




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