Beacon PROACT 200 Sump Pump Test and Monitoring System Review

Beacon PROACT 200The entire installation under actual use condition is tested by the only sump pump monitoring system called the Beacon ProAct™ 200. Fresh water is delivered into the sump pit by this sump pump to check the installation. You can now regularly test your battery and backup pumps with the help of the Beacon ProAct™ 200. It can be tested even at the time of no rain. By checking and testing your sump pump regularly, you will get ample to time to hire a plumber to fix any issue before it becomes problematic.

You will get emails and texts every week from the Beacon Technical Systems, LLC so that you can be assured of the fact that all your sump pumps are working in good condition. You need not sit at your house all the time to worry about your sump pump. There are two bright green lights which indicate that both your float switches and pumps are working. If any failure occurs, you will be informed prior to the basement flooding so that you can fix the problem in advance.

Functions of Beacon ProAct™ 200

  • The primary pump will be checked with fresh water.
  • The backup pump will be checked with fresh water.
  • Weak backup battery will be tested by Beacon ProAct™ 200.
  • In case of AC power failure, it will ring an alarm.
  • If the level of water becomes high it will sound an alarm.
  • In case of low ambient room temperature, an alarm will be sounded by Beacon ProAct™ 200.
  • Notifications will be sent by text, email and mobile app through subscription.
  • It can be installed in an existing sump pump. You need not change the hardware of your existing sump pump for its installation. You just have to hire a professional technician to install the Beacon ProAct™ 200 and supply of fresh water is also required.
  • The functionality of the sump pump installation will be tested by this monitoring device named the Beacon ProAct™ 200. Fresh water will be sent into the sump pump at intervals of time.
  • Internal backflow protection IAPMO R&T certified under UPC and to ASME. A 112. 1.3-2000 is included in Beacon ProAct™ 200.

Control Monitor Easily

  • All main components of the sump pump installation such as power interruption, high water level and electrical and mechanical pump failure are indicated by LED lights.
  • If any problem occurs you will be notified by an audible alarm sound.
  • Operation of the pump is monitored continuously by sophisticated state-of-the art microprocessor circuit.
  • The controller is allowed to send a notification to you by the internal battery event during load shedding.
  • You can mount the monitor anywhere so that you can see it clearly.
  • Basement floods can be prevented by this sump pump backup system with the help of its ability to assess the problem in advance.
  • It can be used for the primary sump pumps with alternating or single installation of sump pump.

Thus, go through this review of the Beacon ProAct™ 200 to protect your basement from flooding by installing it on your sump pump today.

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