How to choose a heat pump to save money

A heat pump is an efficient way to use electricity to heat your home, but only if you select, install and use it in the right way.

You should always look for the Energy Star rating

The Energy Star rating is designed to show you the efficiency of the Heat Pump. You should be guided by the information provided by the Energy Star rating before choosing a heat pump, later you can continue your selection by comparing the other characteristics of the heat pumps that you find on the market but first and foremost It is the Energy Star rating.

There are many models of heat pumps on the market, and the efficiency can reach more than 500%, so to be guided first by the Energy Star qualification, it is something essential for a good choice.

TIP: A rating of 500% means that for every $ 1 you spend the heat pump produces an efficiency of $ 5, so the savings start there. .

It is important to note, that ENERGY STAR® qualified heat pumps use up to 30% less energy compared to a non-rated model

Energy Star, and the market is also flooded with these types of models that should be avoided when choosing a heat pump. Choosing an Energy Star rated model can save you money a year, at least $ 300 in running costs.

Locating a heat pump according to the size of your home


After verifying the Energy Star qualification of the heat pumps that exist in the market, the next thing is to verify the size of the space that the device is going to heat, as well as adequate isolation in said space.

At this level of selection there are two scenarios:

  • The heat pump is too small, in this case the heat pump will use more energy to heat the space, which means an increase in your electricity bill.
  • The heat pump is too big, in this case the heat pump will be less efficient because it will turn off and on when the overheating subsystem of the heat pump.

Choosing a size for your heat pump

You should take the following into account:

  • If the outside temperature of your home is below 0ºC, you should choose one that works well in extreme cold since most do not.
  • If you live in a coastal area, you should choose one with corrosion protection.
  • Check the level of insulation in your home.
  • Check to see if your windows are double glazed to increase insulation.

TIP: If your home is well insulated, you should choose a Heat Pump of at least 120 watts per M2, otherwise one of 150 Watts / M2 has good insulation.