How to choose a sump pump?

Knowing how to choose a sump pump is the key to any installation of a new sump pump or the reinstallation of a sump pump replacement, but the key is to know what feature or features to take into account to make the choice.

In this article we will explain precisely what characteristic of the sump pump to take into account to choose the one that best suits our needs and we do not have to worry about the sump system for a long time.

Specialists tell us that not all sump pumps are the same, that we must always keep in mind, the main characteristic that is nothing more than The Power. Each sump pump that we look at will have something different, and basically in most cases it is the power, this situation can confuse many people and we know cases of users who have bought the unsuitable pump for disregarding the characteristic Main that we mentioned here.

Users generally believe that a larger pump can do the job better but this is not correct, others believe that buying a very famous brand pump but also fall into error, others try to save some money and still have the error If you do not look at the power of the pump, that is the main characteristic

Main Tip: If you select a sump pump according to horsepower capacity, you will be saving money and long-term headaches, you can try to balance your budget taking into account other features but if your final decision is not finally defined by The power of the sump pump you are making a bad decision.

Sump Pump Capabilities and their Characteristics

HP 1/3 Sump Pumps

In the majority of residential sump installations we will find a pump of 1/3 HP, this is normal, because it depends on the permeability of the water table, the range that a pump of 1/3 HP can handle is sufficient For most applications.

When we believe that the HP 1/3 pump is not doing its job properly we can step forward and replace it with a 1/2 HP pump and that would be enough.

It is important to keep in mind that NOT all HP 1/3 sump pumps are the same, you can say on the label that power but vary from the manufacturer.

The electronic float system is not required at this capacity to take it into account because they work well for any size, but you should be careful with floats with string switches, if the diameter of the well is smaller than 15 inches it can be hung.

Keep in mind that installing a pump with greater capacity to remove water faster would not improve things, you should seek a balance between capacity, speed, quality and price.

On the other hand, if your pipe configuration does not force the pump capacity with too many elbows, a 1/3 pump would do the job with ease and everything would be fine.

1/2 HP sump pumps

When the water table below your home is above average, you need a 1/2 HP pump, this power raises the pumping capacity up to 40 percent more than the 1/3 HP sump pumps.

Another feature that expands its working range is the ability to lift the water to discharge it, this power application starts working when you need to pump much higher than where the sump pump is installed.

Sump Pump Check Valve

We must always take in mind the use of the sump pump check valve in our sump pump configuration, much more so, when the level of the pipes is above the pumps, without a sump pump check valve correctly installed or a defective valve our Sump would not be properly evacuated, this is also important to choose a sump .

sump pump check valve installation and configuration
Sump Pump Correct Configuration.

3/4 HP submersible sump pumps, more capacity, more power .

When we live in a low and / or flood-prone area, with very high water tables, we will most likely have a 3/4 HP sump pump, continuing with the power comments we can say that they are more powerful in up to 25 percent than a 1/2 Hp sump pump, which means that on average they would be 75 percent more powerful than a 1/3 HP sump pump.

WAYNE CDU980E 3/4 HP Submersible Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Sump Pump With Integrated Vertical Float Switch
WAYNE CDU980E 3/4 HP Submersible Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Sump Pump With Integrated Vertical Float Switch.

These pumps support up to 30 feet high and up to 250 feet in horizontal pipe. Note that here also applies that with each manufacturer can have a variation in power.

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