How to choose the most suitable sump pump

sump pump
Sump Pump with , The vertical switch

How to choose the most suitable sump pump. Sump pumps are basically used to keep the basement dry. These pumps installed in conjunction with a not very complex system, allow to remove the water that for some reason fills the basement; be it by leaks, rains, floods, etc.

Importance of the sump pump

The correct use of a sump pump will remove the water from the basements and take it through a drain to a safe place, so that flooding is avoided in our homes.

How we all know these pumps, although they are very common, help us to keep our home free of excessive humidity, these devices are available in the market in a variety of prices and formats.

Another division based on their characteristics is that these devices include submersible pumps that are the most used, pumps outside the well (non-submersible) and water-activated pumps.

On what characteristics does the choice of the sump pump for my home depend?

This is the question that users mostly ask us, we will summarize in several points (you can make a Checklist with our tips).

a. How far will the water move?
b. What type of pump to use?
c. How much power is needed?
d. What type of trigger switch is recommended?
e. Is a backup system a priority?

Explanation of our Checklist:

How far will the water move?

This data is very important because it depends on pre-established calculations for these devices and all sump pumps must present the power to which the water will move vertically, this is called Dynamic Height.
Each pump must have an associated performance chart, similar to the one shown here:

You should review this chart to be able to choose the pump appropriate to your requirements at this point.

 performance chart
Sump Pump Performance chart

What type of pump to use?

As we have already indicated, there are 3 types of sump pumps, those that are submerged, those that are not submerged and are above the lid of the well, and those activated by water.

If in your area, county, city, etc. There is not enough water pressure from the drinking water service, do not think to buy a water activated pump.
The recommendation of the main manufacturers is to use submersible pumps.

How much power is needed?

Here the rule is always valid, .. “A higher power Better.” So if your budget allows you to purchase a pump with greater horsepower capacity, do it.

What type of switch to use?

The automatic circuit breaker of the pump is what some call, The float, allows to configure it in such a way that when the water level reaches a certain height, the pump turns on and the water is removed by the pipes arranged for it.

There are two types:

  • The anchor switch: It is an electronic switch, which floats horizontally on the liquid and according to a set configuration activates or deactivates the pump, its use is recommended for sinks 14 ”wide or larger.
  • The vertical switch: it is a mechanical switch, it is used in sinks of 11 ”wide or more.

Is a backup system a priority?

One tip: Once it is good, twice better … this applies when blackouts derived from heavy rains could occur in your area that would therefore fill your basement, so a 12-volt backup battery system would be ideal, your basement would not saturate of water and you will sleep more calmly.

Bonus Tip: Whenever you can before buying, consult the manual of the sump pumps that you have the option to buy, that will give you more information about the device and you can choose with greater amplitude and decision range.