Save your valuable Plumbing with These Toilet Pump Techniques

A toilet pump system is the foundation for an instant bathroom, and it also consists of a self-contained tank unit plus pump. It is a free-standing sewage ejector system. It can be installed in a garage area or a basement or in any various other room. It is especially useful in which a permanent bathroom is either unnecessary or is not practical.

Features and benefits of Barnes Basement Genie, Zoeller Qwik Jon

Barnes Sewage Pump or Barnes Basement Genie can be installed anywhere you want this installed. It accommodates a humidifier or shower, vanity, and a lavatory and is excellent for basements. You can use it with many toilet styles, and it suits almost anywhere, such as room improvements, factories, warehouses, and family areas.   The basement genie pot can be installed on any level surface area, free-standing without the need to destroy the cement surface. Alternatively, the tank plus piping can be hidden behind the particular wall.

Barnes 102147

Design BGBSEV412 is also known as Basement Einstein (umgangssprachlich) Sewage Pump. You can identify this as Barnes 102147 . The package features a SEV412VF Pump with a horsepower associated with ½ and runs on 115 Volts and 1 Phase. The discharge is 2″ NPT. The particular package includes hardware and 2″ check valve, 3/8″ foam cover gasket, rubber cord grommet, cast-iron closet flange, 2″ rubber seal, and 2″ straight discharge flange.

Barnes 102147 Design BGBSEV412 Basement Genie Sewage Water pump

There are many other features that Barnes 102147 and Barnes 102148 share.

Barnes 102148

Barnes 102148 is also referred to as model BGBSE411. This basement Einstein (umgangssprachlich) Sewage Pump Package includes a SE411VF Pump with 4/10 horsepower plus runs on 115 Volts plus 1 Phase. It has an NPT discharge capacity of 2 ins.

There are several advantageous popular features of the package. It is easy to install actually where gravity flow is not obtainable. It comes in a white finish associated with polyethylene material. The assembly will be necessary.

Barnes 102148, Design BGBSE411, Basement Genie Sewage Water pump

The particular pump is capable of 2 ins solids spherical handling. Its optimum flow is 120 GPM, as well as the maximum head is 25 ft.

Zoeller 204-1000

Zoeller sewage pump, also known as Zoeller 204-1000 , is a toilet and shower unit. This cost-effective sewage is designed to be installed or even freestanding. You can install this Zoeller Qwik Jon Ultima anywhere you would like.

                              Zoeller 204-1000, Qwik Jon 204 Ultima Grinder Pump and Tank


It is furnished with the dual cutting action associated with over 70, 000 cuts each minute to make the pump ultimately reliable with no threat of clogging. Its set up is easy because it is a preassembled tube. Concrete floors need not be damaged, and it can accommodate a bath, bathtub, or a lavatory. It decreased the construction cost and is ideal for workshops, cabins, and basements. This features a 1″ discharge that can be decreased to ¾ inches. It can be set up either behind a wall or even free-standing and can pump in any path.

The pump functions an automatic level control switch as well as the motor is protected against heat overload. The screws, bolts, plus handle are stainless steel material. This functions smoothly under the maximum temperatures of 130°F or 54°C.

The tank features a white-colored finish, built-in check valve, and it is lightweight made from durable material. The particular tank along with lid and seal are included. There is a mini mill pump of 0. 5 HEWLETT PACKARD and a back-flow device. The release is 1 inch, and the vent out is 1 ½ inch.

Zoeller 017374

Zoeller 017374 is an alternative pump with discharge. This design is N-202. It includes the container and the mini-grinder pump. The WUJUD compliant toilet has an elongated dish.

Zoeller 017374, N202 Replacement Pump

The thermoplastic mini-grinder push is non-corrosive. The pump dependability is enhanced with the dual trimming action capable of over 70, 500 cuts per minute to enhance the pump’s reliability. The pump is examined 100% after assembly. Its hp is ½, along with 60 Hertz and 115 V.

Zoeller 202-2000

Zoeller 202-2000 is Qwik Jon elongated toilet bowl. It is created for freestanding. It comes with built-in set up and is an economic sewage system. Qwik Jon elongated toilet bowl can be ADA compliant with a comfortable elevation. It can be conveniently used in manufacturing amenities, pool houses, garages, workshops, cabin rentals, and basements.

Zoeller 202-2000, Qwik Jon 202 Ultima Elongated Toilet Bowl

However , it is a good only bowl, not the complete program. You may require a grinder pump (Z2021000) and a tank (Z202300) additionally.

Barnes & Zoeller company overview

Barnes Pumps are the most dependable products on the market. These pumps are known to are usually in continual operation for three decades just before getting replaced. The qualities associated with reliability and dependability have persisted since the brand was founded in 1895.

The US-based Zoeller company is among the oldest family-owned producers of pumps and systems. The organization is known for its quality, dependability, plus commitment.

Pump Products’ company

Pump Products is really a nationwide distributor and discount provider of electric motors, pumps, plus generators. The company arranges direct delivery from manufacturers if they do not have a product ordered. Their overnight delivery guarantees you get what you need when you need it.