Review: Wayne CDU980E 58321-WYN3 Submersible Sump Pump

Wayne CDU980E

There is a fierce competition in the sump pump industry to be recognized as the best in the business. Sump pumps are automatic pumps that flush out stagnant water from places such as swimming pools, basements etc. In this regard, the Wayne brand is the top most providers of stress free, water systems for residential buildings with water handling resolutions. For over 80 years, Wayne Water Systems have provided proprietors with a sense of confidence and security that their sewage and well systems are consistently at work, basements are kept in dry conditions and the outdoor spaces like swimming pools and lawns are enjoyable.

With regards to being the most important sump pump provider in the market, the Wayne CDU980E 58321-WNY3 Sump Pump has confirmed its capability of doing extremely well in every sector concerned. Without a doubt, Wayne has proved yet again that it is a serious competitor for the top most position with the sump pump known as Wayne CDU980E Submersible Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Sump Pump with Vertical Float Switch.

no Image Name Type GPH HP Warranty Where to buy
1 WAYNE CDU980E WAYNE CDU980E Submersible 4600 GPH 3/4 hp 5 -year

Features of the Wayne CDU980E Sump Pump

  • Stainless steel sump pump with 3/4 Horse Power
  • Stainless steel Vertical Float Switch with 3/4 Horse Power
  • High performance Stainless steel 3/4 Horse Power Motor
  • Boasts of water flow rate of about 4600 Gallons per hour
  • Float Guard Protective Switch to prevent and protect against hang-ups
  • Automatically Operated Vertical Float Switch
  • For use in 11 inch Diameter or Larger Sump Basins
  • Pump made of Stain Steel/Cast Iron
  • Durable cast-iron bottom with 1 ½ inches NPT Discharge
  • Easily designed for installation without a plumbing change
  • Important Suction Design diminishes Clogging and Filters Wastes
  • Fairly accurate On and Off Levels at 4 and 9 inches respectively
  • Entirely Submersible
  • Very easy to install
  • Warranty: 5 years

Moreover, the exceptional specifications that this sump pump boasts of are product longevity and proficient performance. The specifications are mentioned below:

  • Product Type: Submersible Sump Pump
  • Product Size: 8 x 8 x 12”
  • Product Weight: 22 pounds
  • Motor: 115 Volts, ¾ Horse Power
  • Power: 4600 Gallons Per Hour, 3500 Gallons Per Hour at 10 feet head
  • Discharge: 1 ½ inches NPT
  • Warranty Coverage: Five years

As with every product, there are advantages and disadvantages that are inevitable since everything isn’t perfect. The advantages of the Wayne CDU980E Sump Pump are:

  • Covered in tough stainless steel
  • Switch very reactive
  • Exceptional pumping capability with very powerful motor
  • Durable cast iron base and impeller
  • Switch guard designed for cartage damage protection
  • Power cord completely submersible for short circuit protection
  • Oil filled motor thermally protected against burnouts
  • An amazing 5-year warranty period

The disadvantages of the Wayne CDU980E 58321-WYN3 Sump Pump though a few are:

  • Quite a small handle
  • The power cord is a little bit short, but can be extended

Installation tips

Caution signifies a condition which is potentially harmful and might cause a moderate or minor injury, if avoided. Read the following instructions and reduce the risk to property damage and injury.

  • If the pump includes a switch for automatic function, it’s the duty of the installer to make certain the switch is operable inside the basin with no obstructions. Post installation, the installer is advised to test and monitor the pump’s operability for numerous sequences.
  • To check for an increase of debris or pump movement on the float or switch an assessment should be done on this pump 3 or 4 times a year. If any movement is observed, reposition the pump. Get rid of any debris that could interrupt the switch’s function.
  • To lessen pump movement and safely lock the pump to the basin, use firm fittings and piping as recommended. Movement of the pump prevents the switch from functioning properly.
  • After every pump cycle, use a check valve with this pump as recommended to avoid the flow-back of the liquid.
  • If it’s been damaged anyhow, don’t install or activate the pump.
  • Don’t carry of lift the pump with the power cable. Utilize the pump’s handle instead.
  • Don’t use the pump in chemicals, cement, oil, mud or sand.
  • For handling untreated sewage, don’t use effluent and sump pumps.
  • Replace the switch after every 2 years. The hazard of switch malfunction or improper pump function is reduced with this maintenance.
  • A back up pump or high water independent alarm should be utilized when the risk of damage to property exists due to high water levels.

Customer Reviews

Customers have praised the excellent design of the product, remarking on the moulded design of the base and the overall portability of the product. Users also like the excellent horsepower offered by the Wayne, claiming that it were far greater to that offered by brands in the same price bracket. Finally, Wayne has always been praised for providing a great warranty and good customer service. However, certain users mentioned that the handle of the sump pump was small in size and that made raising the product a little difficult. However, the other features offered by this pump outweigh such a relatively small problem.

With the Wayne CDU980E Submersible Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Sump Pump, the company has demonstrated its ability to excel in all departments as far as primary sump pumps are concerned. In general, you would know that it is nearly impossible to find a product that combines efficiency and compactness of design in such high proportions without raising the price to prohibitive levels. If we carefully compare the pros of the sump pump to the few cons, you would realize that the sump pump happens to be one of the best options for any home that requires a durable and efficient sump pump, which is also light and compact.

So, if you are interested and looking for an efficient sump pump to help you in your work, the Wayne CDU980E is among the best that you can consider.


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