Review: WAYNE CDU980E 3/4 HP Submersible Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Sump Pump With Integrated Vertical Float Switch

Product Features

  • Top suction pump design minimizes air locks and clogging from debris in bottom of sump pit
  • Stainless steel motor housing and rugged, cast iron pump base
  • Vertical float switch, tested to 1 million cycles!
  • 3/4 hp; max. Flow rate is 4600 gallons per hour; 3500 gph at 10 ft. Of discharge lift
  • Assembled in us, with foreign and domestic components
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Price: $174.99
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Product Description

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Reliability

The use of pump is to transfer fluid from one place to another. Today, there are many pumps available in the market, and all serve different purposes, according to their design and applications. The pump I am going to talk about, transfer water from pit to any desired area. It is designed for that purpose, and usually these pumps are known as sump pump. They are designed to filter debris and other materials so that they can function smooth.


  • The pump has designed with top suction which minimizes air locks and clogging from debris in bottom of sump pit. It ensures smooth operation, without damaging the impeller.
  • The pump housing is made of Stainless steel with cast iron pump base.
  • Vertical float switch is present which is tested to 1 million cycles.
  • The power of the pump is 3/4 hp; max, with maximum flow rate of 4600 gallons per hour; 3500 gallons per hour at 10 feet of discharge lift.
  • The product is assembled in US, with collaboration of foreign and domestic components.
  • The pump has 5 years manufacture warranty.


The design of the pump is really compact, with suction on the top, preventing small particles, pebbles, or collectively called ‘debris’ from entering the pump. This helps in smooth operation, and doesn’t damage the pump from the inside. The clogging due to the design is less, with no air gap whatsoever. So you don’t have to clear the pump and then restart after a while, it works like a charm.

The pump is designed for 11 inch diameter, or larger sump pits, with such a quality, you can expect quality work from the pump. The flow rate of the pump is 4600 gallons, which means, you can empty the whole in comparatively less time, than normal pumps in the same price range. The pump is fully submersible, so you can empty the last drop. The stainless body is rust proof, which is required in submersible pumps. The base is cast iron, so it can catch some rust, but only if the paint is removed.

Wayne is known for quality products and you can trust the parts and use it for heavy duty purposes. The parts are assembled in US, coming from various countries, and domestic regions. These parts are collaborated to give best of them, in one package. The company gives you 5 years’ manufacture warranty against any defect caused in manufacturing process.

I have personally used the product and found that the pump has got some serious power, with massive flow rate. You can use it for large pits and it wouldn’t leave you disappointed. I would recommend this product for some serious heavy duty work and impressive performance. There is no reason to not a buy this pump, and i already told you why you should, you would discover million more, just buy it and observe.