What is the best temperature for the heat pump?

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What is the best temperature for the heat pump? We have spoken before about this topic, and it is that the topic is highly relevant, since it is an important need to save energy both actively, when the heat pump is properly adjusted, and passively, when correct insulation is placed. in our home.

The right temperature is not the highest

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If you have an air conditioner you will have already seen that using it regularly in summer, placing it at 24 or 25ºC is a suitable temperature to keep your home environment cool.

But if winter arrives and you maintain the temperature of 24 or 25 º C, you will have to wear light clothing as in summer, because although that temperature seems low, it is too excessive temperature for winter.

Choosing the ideal temperature

From 19º to 23º C is the recommended temperature to use the air conditioning in winter. At this temperature, as long as we are wearing long sleeves, we will be in a comfortable environment, in addition to saving on the electricity bill since it is not the same to go up to 23º C than up to 25º C.


It will cost our team much less work , from what we have said before, it is perfectly fulfilled. The compressor will work less hours and we will save energy.

Try these recommendations and then write to us, commenting on how it went.


We have seen how a temperature that is too high and not too low will bring us colder or more heat, but it will bring more spending on electricity without an apparent retroactive benefit.

For this reason, we must maintain our air conditioning devices, be they air conditioners or heat pumps, in the ranges indicated by the manufacturer, since it is the manufacturer who has carried out the appropriate tests to be able to place the Energy Star label on their product, which means that it is already qualified.

So to remember we have:

1.- Have good insulation in our home so as not to lose heat in winter and cold in summer.

2.- Correctly choose the temperature according to the thermostat of our air conditioner or heat pump.

3.- Do not move the temperature controls continuously.

4.- Do not try to manipulate the thermostat or the compressor out of range.