The Zoeller 507-0005 – A review

Zoeller 507-0005Submersible pumps are such kind of pumps, where the whole assembly can operate even when completely submerged into the fluid to be pumped. The motor that operates in submersible pumps are hermetically sealed and close coupled to the pump body. Submersible pumps are used for many different purposes starting from small scale domestic uses to large scale operations like the drilling oil from offshore drilling rigs. The submersible pumps used for domestic purposes are comparatively small in size in requires very low power to operate. It can be used in the gardens, yards or rooms for various purposes like removing water from a flooded section of your house.

The most common use submersible pumps are though in basements to keep the basement dry and free of flooded water. These submersible pumps are known as “sump pumps” in short. Battery backup sump pumps are also available in the market that comes with additional battery backup power or only with battery power. Battery backup sump pumps are primarily used to regulate the water flows in the basements while the primary sump pump is out of service or when the electricity is down. Sump pumps help you to keep your basement from any damages due to building up of water, preventing expensive damages that may occur due to the built-up water. Battery powered back up pumps is available in all sizes, power levels, and performance ratings to fit your requirement level in the market. So, here we will be reviewing a very good battery powered back up sump pump available in the market, the Zoeller 507 – 0005 Basement Sentry Battery Backup Pump.

The Zoeller 507 – 0005 basement Sentry Battery Backup Sump Pump is a pre-assembled unit operated by a 12 volt battery. This polyethylene made battery powered back up sump pump uses a deep cycle battery. However, the battery that powers this system is not included in the package, and you have to buy it separately. This battery powered back up sump pump is absolutely compact in size making it suitable to work in almost any place. Moreover, this very back up sump pump is suitable to work with almost any primary pump available in the market. This pump is fitted with guards to stop intrusion of water in case the primary pumps fail to operate. The battery of this back up sump pumps comes with battery burn out and overcharges protection to keep your battery safe and ensures the higher longevity of this system. This model of back up sump pump comes with automatic solid state controls. Even advanced features like alarm warning systems and light indicators are also available in this battery powered back up sump pump to help you operate this pump easily and smoothly. This model is also fitted with an LCD monitor to keep you informed about its operation and technical status, which makes working with this machine even more seamless.

As far as the build quality of this battery powered back up sump pump is concerned, it is made with durable and high quality thermoplastic material. This thermoplastic material used to build this back up sump pump is completely corrosion proof and as tough as steel, ensuring higher longevity of the sump pump. This unit comes with an oversized float system to ensure greater dependability. Its own float switch enables it to detect automatically if the primary sump pumps in use has failed. High quality check valves also make this sump pump even more awesome. The pumping capacity of this compact sized sump pump is about 1380 gallons per hour under 5 foot head and 900 gallons per hour under 10 foot head, which is quite decent for this size of a pump.

However, the Zoeller 507 – 0005 also has its own problems along with all it high quality features described above. You may find the build quality of this very sump pump not up to the mark when compared to other sump pumps available in the market within the same price range. The price of this very model may seem a bit higher than its peers. However, this battery powered back up sump pump will serve your requirements satisfactorily provided that the load on this sump pump is medium and you do not need this pump for an area with heavy rainfall.

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