Review: Zoeller 507-0011 Pro Pak 98 Backup Pump System W/Basement Sentry

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Product Features

  • Zoeller 507-0011
  • Pro Pak 98 Backup Pump System
  • Basement Sentry I & M98 Pump
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Product Description

Imagine what would happen if the primary pump in your house goes down due to some mechanical failure or power outage or excessive use. In case such cases, Battery Backup Sump Pumps come to your recourse. With this supplement being available, you don’t have to worry if the motor of your primary pump stops functioning due to overheating problems. This Backup pump is always there to provide you with extended service which would help you maintain the water flow in dire situations.

The Zoeller 507-0011 Pro Pak 98 pre-assembled sump pump is a good alternative to your primary pumps. It works efficiently in discharging the sump when the primary pump goes out of order. This pump is designed with the help of latest technology and thus works very efficiently with the primary DC pumps. It’s advanced electronic controls and easy installation features make it be one of the best choices for many households worldwide.

This pump has been tested to deliver in situations like burnout and mechanical damage of your primary pump, therefore, you do not have to worry about its performance while maintaining the water level, in order to prevent flooding conditions. Some of the striking features of this pump are as follows:

  • The battery case of this pump makes it all the more versatile which means that it can accommodate any 27 group size marine batteries.
  • The 507 model of this sump pump comes with a battery recharger provided with the set. The 10-ampere recharger charges this pump fully so that it can deliver supreme quality performance for as long as 5.5 to 7.5 hours.
  • The body of this pump is made from polyethylene which is non-corrosive in nature. Thus, you do not have to worry about rusting problems while using it to control the water flow.
  • This pump proves to be very durable. Customers who have used his pump have reviewed it to work efficiently as long as 10 years without giving any servicing issue. It proves to be your best mate as compared to others who are able to deliver only for a maximum of 2 years.


  • This pump comes to you in a pre-assembled manner. Thus, you don’t have to bear the brunt of assembling its parts before use. This feature makes this pump easy to be installed and used.
  • To increase the efficiency of this pump, the makers of this pump have attached a float switch and a piping is also fitted to make the process of increasing the water level much faster.
  • This pump is designed to be used primarily in residential areas and also basement storage locations including communication and computer vaults.



  • The entire system proves to be a little costly for any household. However, its performance would surely not let you regret your investment.
  • The sound made by this pup can prove to be little irritating for many people.
  • One may have to add a top portion to this pump in order to attach to your existing setup.

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